For cancer patients who cannot be treated by traditional methods, PersImmune's T cell immunotherapy will provide a highly personalized treatment dictated by each patient’s unique cancer. Unlike chemotherapy or radiation, our therapy will eliminate tumor cells without causing significant toxicity.

An Overview of PACTN

Personalized Adoptive Cell Therapy Targeting Neoantigens
PersImmune PACTN Technology

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A Comparison of Cancer Treatments

Existing TreatmentsPersImmune Personalized Immunotherapy
Radiation and chemotherapy are toxic, and often ineffective.PersImmune’s technology generates mutation-specific T cells that only target tumor cells, sparing normal cells.
Relapse is common.Personalized immunotherapy regenerates the body’s immune defense against cancer and can prevent or treat relapse.
Targeted therapies are more benign and effective than radiation and chemotherapy, however tumor cells can escape by mutating.Personalized immunotherapy can help patients respond to new mutations and avoid tumor escape.
Chimeric receptors (CAR-T) have proven effective, but can be risky and result in autoimmunity.The PACTN protocol is well-tolerated and works with the body's immune responses, without causing autoimmunity.

An Interview with Dr. Antonella Vitiello

PersImmune, Inc. was founded in 2010 with the mission of developing precision cancer immunotherapy tailored to each patient. The company was founded by Dr. Antonella Vitiello, who is the company's Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Vitiello’s career as a ground-breaking cancer researcher and her own successful fight against cancer drive the company’s passion for developing safe and effective cancer therapies that preserve the patient’s quality of life and avoid the devastating side effects of currently available cancer treatments.

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